The first question I have in my head whenever I see a great looking Friesian horse (and they all do) is “Who’s doing their hair? 🙂

The are so regal (the guy that posted this video calls them “Royal Friesian” and they sure are regal) elegant, graceful and beautiful.

“The KFPS Friesian Horse- beautiful, versatile, athletic, kind, willing, and able to do anything!” – from the video – It kicks the my sarcasm glands, but they appear to be having a good time, as if they know they’re the best 🙂

This just made me look at some more pictures of Friesian horses, and here are some:

Somebody worked on their curles today, yeah?

Somebody worked on their curls today, yeah? (source)


A Girl's best friend :)

A Girl’s best friend 🙂 (source)


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